Sandy Bottom Bio

Australia's Famous Transgender Illusionist Civil Celebrant Sandy Bottom

Introducing Miss Sandy Bottom

Australia’s Most Famous Transgender Illusionist.

How does a live singer, Celebrant, Mc and Host all work into one? here is the answer.

For the last 25 Years Sandy Has been touring Australia and Asia on her personal Comedic Singing Cabaret show.
Originally from Tasmania she set her sights for the BigSmoke and worked at the famous Taxi Club for over 15

She also has worked at all the City and Rural Gay Venues including residency’s at the famous inner west venues, The Lewisham Hotel, Ceasers Night Club and Clarence Hotel.

As she has such varied tastes in music, she also performs across many charity organisations regularly for Mcc Church,
LCC Church, Macquarie Homeless Committee and Leather Pride Australia.

Sandy also has her own post cast channel and Facebook channel featuring Sandy Bottom Ministries with over 1500 views each platform..Her famous “Disco On The Green” has been part of the Gay and lesbian Mardi Gras for more than 8 years attracting Hundreds of patrons each year. Not to forget her travels including major festivals around Australia including being the host of the “Coast Out Festival—in coffs harbour)

She is now also Australia’s Only Transgender ‘Optional’ Wedding Celebrant.

Sandy has also hosted “Sunday Pole Sessions with Sandy”, Regular in Bar Cabaret shows “On The Bible” with co-performers. Ceasers Night Club, Sandyoke and more shows right though out Sydney.

Just has also headlined with famous entertainers such as Bob Down, Carlotta and recently Jessica Mouboy

Sandy is a truly self confessed inner west legend.
Her style of music varies from venue to venue with her love of Blues, Jazz, Swing, Soul, and also performs large dance
numbers at clubs across Australia.

So if your considering new but old talent in her own unique style that fits every age and demographic, she would love to be part of your special day.


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