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Dont be fooled by function house weddings, make people admire your wedding

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Affordable Basic Wedding Package

Have already attained a Commitment Ceremony Prior
Would just like to have a legal form of marriage
Want to keep it basic and low key
Have limited funds but would like to legally wed.

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Online Paperwork

Simple Wedding Packages Offers online paperwork takes alot of the pressure away from both parties. Your Home Wedding service uses online paperwork to keep it cheaper and more affordable.

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Amazing Home Weddings – “Better than any registry wedding at only a quarter of the cost”. Make your wedding celebration like no other with your friends, family and people that deserve to enjoy your love on your wedding day.

Some of the most amazing weddings start with just a few people, a bit of co-ordination and a whole lot of love. Creating  simple weddings with your own celebration in your backyard doesnt have to be a huge amount of work. Consider the sharing and celebration between friends, grab a few things from around the house and bring it together with a magical celebration with Sandy B.

Just think about the huge savings from using overpriced wedding venues.

Sandy Bottoms Wedding packages are honest, upfront with pricing and have a huge scope of flexibility to suit every couple and event.

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Paperwork Only

Just do paperwork only at your convenience at your home. No frills, simple ceremony with a wedding certificate from $480 
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Amazing Home Weddings

Delightful simple home weddings that bring magic to your friends and guests. Suitable for small to medium sized weddings that contain magical moments with a service that offers integration of ceremony and traditions that highlight your story as a couple

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Delux Wedding and Entertainment

Make your home wedding like no other with Sandy B offering your celebration as a celebrant then brining it all together as a party maker, singing as your entetainment with her and her dj. Bringing a whole night of dancing, singing and laughing. Sandy Bottom is a world class entertainer, that is sure to make your celebration one of a kind. 

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