Wedding Ceremony Options

Australia's Famous Transgender Illusionist Civil Celebrant Sandy Bottom

Your Wedding Ceremony Options

You may have already chosen exactly what you want for your special day. Sandy can offer suggestions to make it better, brighter, faster, slower or what ever your looking for.

So choosing a style which works for you and your budget is going to be easy right? You better have a look at a few of Sandy’s Options.

Simple Ceremonies

Choose a Wedding Registry Style Ceremony For The Budget Conscious. You can choose a simple ceremony if your choosing just to have a few friends over and have a home or park wedding. This service gives you just the basics but all your paperwork would be included, including your handwritten short ceremony.

Entertainment Services

Sandy Bottom has entertained audiences across the world, being a true cabaret performer, she sings live to your wedding party. Weddings are made magical as she will get the whole wedding party on their feet as they dance to her classic songs suitable for all ages. Bring your party alive with her personalised Dj, playing modern and retro classics, and offers full audio and state of the art lighting installations, your wedding will party like no other. Couples love the choice of having a entertainer and a celebrant all at the same time. Sandy offers laughs, music and love during her services. She will entertain your audience but still let couples have that special moment they have been waiting for all of their lives.  learn more

Deluxe Wedding Packages

Yep all the bells and whistles to get your wedding on the map.

Its not limited by time, location or selection on what you want.

Just add a drag queen for a specific wonderful touch and what could you want more.