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Australia's Famous Transgender Illusionist Civil Celebrant Sandy Bottom

Care, Love, Respect and Share

– it sums up the day that you need to celebrate the passing of a loved one, its a moment that goes often very wrong, its a moment than needs to share, grieve and experience what a person has given in this world, and how they continue to the next.

When considering funeral services Sandy offers a way of your family and friends to express themselves, and instead of being a moment of just sadness, offer a new way of expressing their time here on earth.

Funeral services are restricted to set times if conducted at a regular funeral chapel, but many families dont realise that funeral services can be conducted anywhere, depending on their wishes.

If someone around you has just passed, Sandy can also offer assistance in organising the funeral directly with her funeral services. She can arrange Funeral Directors through direct relationships at no extra charge, and offer advice to make the day affordable also. 

If your planning or have just had a loved one pass, why not contact Sandy so she can help you with her personalised service in helping you give the loved person a farewell that will never be forgotten.

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